There’s always a phase in a project where I can’t come up with an idea. It’s worse if I’m burnt out. That little bit of the project feels like it lasts forever. It’s usually accompanied by a lot of impostor syndrome. “You’re not a good designer.” “You fooled everyone so far and now it’s gonna show.” I wish I could skip past that part and go straight into the next part where the ideas start flowing – when I have an idea to hold on to and anchor me. That creative part of a project is the best. It’s why I became a designer, but that first part… oof. It sure is a rough one. Maybe someday I’ll get over it. Fingers crossed.

Working on a little side project to practice some more site motion 👉 Pipe Dream Power Up.

Typefaces are New Spirit by Miles Newlyn and Swear by OH no Type Company.

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