10 Barrel Brewing Pub Beer Apparel Illustrations

Working with local brands is always a dream of mine, so when the #CheapFunCru and fine folks at 10 Barrel Brewing reached out for some loose & fast illustrations that capture the low-brow, fun-loving spirit of Pub Beer, one of their best selling lagers, I grabbed a cold one and replied HELL YEA.

The whole project coincided with the launch of 10 Barrel’s new website, CheapFunBeer.com as they continue to grow the brand around their infamous Pub Beer.

In addition to creating illustrations for various merch and marketing materials, I was inducted into the Pub Beer Union, 10 Barrel’s new artist collective.


“The Pub Beer Union is compiled of people we have found who embody the vision of Pub Beer and inspire us. The list consists of artists, musicians, athletes, small brands, craftsmen, and whoever the hell else we feel like.”

Jake Kenobi
Illustrator / Muralist

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