Po(r)table Happiness

Po(r)table Happiness

Hello there fellow dribbblers,just some colored lines, shapes and points here, but the story behind them is a tad longer...

So if you have some time, please grab a seat and make yourself comfortable.The starting point for this illustration is work I did and still do in my free time, in which i worked on some tools and resources that allow me to fasten my workflow for client projects (mainly textures and patterns).

And yesterday I enjoyed some vanilla milk right out of a milk box and while I was lisping the straw I suddenly had a flashback to my younger days. I used to have the habit to carry this boxes around with me (orange juice boxes to be precisely) - in school, on vacation, etc. (of course this was after the German reunion, because we had no such things in the GDR :) )

So I got distracted and started to draw some juice boxes - and then i thought - ok, why not also trying to draw some oranges - just because I wanted to use my texture and look how it would feel...

Well, in the End I came up with this, which is also a friendly reminder to myself, that life sometimes is hard and that you can achieve your goals in life, even if you‘re currently not there, where you want to be. as long as you keep it real and stay true to yourself, you will achieve something good.

This also relates to the urge to "copy" others work, something any designer or illustrator does from time to time (ANY of them). When we do it in order to get better, this is a great thing, because it allows us to understand why somethings are done the way they are - but it won‘t be a good choice in order to make a short cut to fame, because in the end, each copy lacks soul and does not refelct your true capability.So I wanted to relate to these thouhgts as well and incorporated some faces to this work, just because I noticed that there are several shots on dribbble lately that deal with this artistic expression which (i think) is often inspired by the great work of the helloffadesigner @Ryan Putnam. So yes, i this was the last bit the helped me to get my message across... and the last bit to know about this assemblage of vectors.

Thank you very much for your attention - have an awesome day. :)

PS - duhhh- one more thing: retro color vibe because of all the emotions evoked by my memories.

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