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Android L - Icon Grid System

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Android L - Icon Grid System android l icons grid icon grid android google glyph

Long time I didn't post something here! :-) Just wanna share something!

Was really impress by the awesome documentation that Android L provides. I love it! I could't find icons and grid system to create them (they didn't release them yet actually). So I decided to crete by myself.

On the attached zip file you'll find the 4 kind of grid systems that Android L use to crete their icon (Ai templates).

I created this template base on the specs (24 dps bounding box) that you can find on this link:

These documentations are awesome! I LOVE IT!!!!

This grids meant to help you to create your own icon design for the new Android L. Make sure to make the grid visible and set "gridline every" 1px and "Subdivision" to 1.

I hope it's gonna help you guys! :-D

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