PMLE: Per My Last Email • branding detail

a daily “coworking” space, created by Stankpalmer™ with curated music called “Per My Last E-Mail”. The presentation was simple: music, low stimulation visuals, and a chat box if folks needed a distra...err...break. From 9am-11am PST every Monday- Friday, folks have been tuning in from all over the world while checking their emails, doing their morning rituals... even tapping in during Zoom calls with the stream as background music.

SHRIMPS IN SPACE was tapped in for a design collar that encapsulates the spirit of PMLE while staying grounded in the SIS voice.
And thus, this baby was born.

Posted on Aug 4, 2021
Christina Chung
aka Shrimps in Space 🍤🌀🌴 Hi from Oakland!

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