Spinshot Apple Watch Control

Spintshot are a tennis ball machine tech company. Over the years, tennis ball machines have allowed players to focus on their game without having to find a partner to have a knock with. Ball machines offer consistent and customisable feed control, and hold a large appeal to players from rookie to professional standard.

Tennis ball machine technology has vastly improved over the years due to advancements in bluetooth and wifi, but nothing have spurred on machine personalisation than the ability to control these high end machines with smart devices.

Here's an example of the Spinshot Apple Watch control I presented as a part of an innovation showcase. This is a project we'll be exploring at some point in the near future off the back of the brand new mobile application control I'm working with the team on currently.

Prototype: https://framer.com/share/Tennis-App--yHrwga6jIpsC9AxfOBh9/Fmlq2Nuth?highlights=0

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Posted on Aug 4, 2021
Elliot Rylands
Senior Product Designer @ Squiz.

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