The Monsterrataz: Mr. Mot J. Monster

The Monsterrataz: Mr. Mot J. Monster

The Monsterrataz are here to haunt you but they suck at it. Oh well…


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Meet Mr. Mot J. Monster, a fairly dark and creepy individual. He likes to be reffered to as "The Balancer" - and many think that he deserves this title. You see, granular Mr. Mot J. Monster is a constant of this trifling cosmos. His sole purpose is to give what must be given and to take what must be taken. In his (admittedly little) free time, he enjoys playing chess with knights - real ones, not the chess piece.

Available on various prints (on canvas, metal, photographic etc), throw pillows, tote bags and cases for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy

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