🌱 Lune | Climate change-related service

My long-time dream was to work on a project that can make a positive climate change. Here is Lune, a wonderful service that hardly works every day to help our planet. I were happy to help them with the no-code widget integration:

Lune's mission is to make every product and service climate positive by default.

Powering a climate positive future. Make your product or service climate positive by default. Lune's no-code widget and API enable high-quality climate compensation to be seamlessly built into any service.

We connect you with high-quality carbon offset and carbon removal projects.
Select from our library of bundles according to your brand and sustainability strategy.

Select the amount of CO2 that you want to reduce from the atmosphere.

Confirm your purchase and simply see on the map how we help to reduce your CO2 footprint.

The gradient behind the glass creates a connected frow from screen to screen.

Ivan (Ion) Sipilov
Lead UX Engineer @ Citadel Hedge Fund ‡

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