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Hey all,
For several months my friend does not drink alcohol at all, and all the money he could spend on partying he transfers to himself on a separate card called “I could be absent.” This story made me laugh and inspired me so much that I thought about it for a long time. And then, at one point, a client came to me and told me about his idea for a business — the point is that every day you buy a part of stocks or bonds or cryptocurrencies with the money that you could spend on all sorts of nonsense. And I had a brilliant Hero Section in my head. You can actually see it — of course, it has already been approved by the client and primarily reflects with his project, but the trick is that you regularly throw money in and invest it without commission. Moreover, you get cash back, which you can also reinvest. It seems that this is the approach that can suit many people, especially those who like just to spend the extra money.

What do you think? Will such an application come to you?

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