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Hey all,
If you want to travel now, it is not necessary to be vaccinated - but an HRP test for the absence of Covid 19 is a must! But what if you are a healthy person with tickets in your arms - and you have no desire or time to get sick at all? How, then, to protect yourself from the likelihood of getting sick at the time of the test?
I present to your attention a new application for finding the best free time in clinics where you can take a test. Now you can filter clinics or laboratories by Geolocation, clinic load by visitors, test processing speed, and level of risk of getting sick. That is, information about the number of positive tests is automatically unloaded. We wanted to do the most important thing - not a medical and pleasant UI to present only the best solution to end-users. Look at how convenient and functional everything is located. From the main screen, you can get all the information you need.

How do you like this idea? Would you like such an application to be available in your region?

Design — Figma
Illustrations — Illustrator

💌 I am open to new projects!

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