Cau Chocolate Landing Page Redesign

[Redesigning the Cau Chocolate Landing Page]

Cau Chocolate is an organic chocolate company located in Cau village, precisely in the Marga sub-district, Tabanan Regency, Bali. Cau Chocolate Bali comes with the spirit of "Growing with Farmers" with the motto "The smile of the Cocoa farmer is the Smile of Cau Chocolate. Cau Chocolate provides processed chocolate products with organic fermented quality at competitive prices, with the hope of stimulating farmers to produce processed cocoa products with chocolate standards Besides that, Cau Chocolate also introduces Balinese rural life.

To expand the promotion of Cau Chocolate products, a digital-based promotional media was created. The digital-based promotional media include postings on company accounts, advertising banners on social media and related websites, and the last one is the Cau Chocolate Landing Page website.

Here I am trying to redesign the landing page of the Cau Chocolate company to make it more attractive, efficient, and hopefully can provide the best experience for visitors who come to see the Cau Chocolate website.

Posted on Aug 1, 2021

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