Hold the Gold

Hold the gold

My next Cotton Bureau release "Hold the Gold" is now available for preorder!

We live in a world and work in an industry often consumed by an obsession with shiny and perceivably valuable things. The reality, though, is that these golden, pretty things we're so set on attaining are ultimately fleeting.

Everyone likes nice things, and there's nothing fundamentally wrong with them. But anyone that ever said they've progressed as a person because of the material things they've attained is confused about how growth works and probably not giving themselves enough credit.

To chase golden and shiny things is to run away from growth. Slow your ass down, let the gold go, and flourish.

This is something I definitely need to work on, and I'm using this design as a reminder to break free from the things I think I should have or want for myself, and branch out to find something green. Something better. Something I can grow with.

Green and metallic gold ink (not foil) on a super-soft black poly-cotton American Apparel shirt.

Order yours on Cotton Bureau now:


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