Stashaway Redesign

Stashaway is one of the promising financial platforms that is being used widely by people across the world. Started in Singapore and expanded to 4 other countries in recent years. It uses robo-advisor to manage money using algorithmic execution.

As a user, I like the innovation and flexibility to set up the portfolio based on my financial situation. They offer smaller amount of fees compared to conventional mutual funds that banks offered.

Sometimes it can be frustrated to navigate around the platform. I redesigned the login page with various login options unlike the current Touch ID pop-up. It allows user to have options right away without having 2 extra steps to choose their preferred login step.

The new design of the menu page enables the user to have a sneak peek of their investment performance. Update the bottom bar to provide easy access for users to navigate and create new portfolio. The redesign of Products allows user to have a clear view of the products offered.

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