The Zappos: Since 1863


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I recently bid for a project with, and they provided a unique test. Provide UI mockups that meet the following requirements:

- Displays an image of a product
- Displays basic product data (price, color, size options, etc.)
- Allows a user to add the item to their cart
- Allows a user to review the item
This was my second submission, Zappos 1863... which would really just be a poster attached the Zappos Store.

Apparently at this time, shoes averaged anywhere from $0.50 to $2, so I put you at a pleasant, affordable, mass market range. Available in black and with various sizes (product data), the boot can be sold at the office next door (delivery portion - Pony Express apparently closed in 1861 per wikipedia, so shipping would be difficult).

Just like now, Zappos loves reviews. Conveniently, reviews can be added right on the poster. I've included a string and a pencil for locals to show their love, view the full size.

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