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Logo project I made for Fog Belt Builds.

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As a carpenter by trade, Anthony is passionate about his work. Whether it’s working on an elderly persons home within his community or a simple fence, he loves what he does.

Anthony has been in the woodworking industry since the young age of 18 and is currently turning 24 and, for a time, worked for a company but found himself unsatisfied with what he was doing. After years of excelling at his work despite being in an unhappy work environment, he decided to branch out and begin his own business.

Now, Anthony wakes up each day happy to be in control of his life and doing what he loves and does well; woodworking. As a designer I get so excited when someone passionate about what they do reaches out to me for a logo. When Anthony expressed to me his love for nature, I immediately was bursting with ideas. We decided to do a wolf illustration within the logo, and that has completely made this project come alive.

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Dorian Avila
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