Introducing Inen. 🔥 is my new holding company in Bangkok, Thailand.

We believe Thailand is the world's next digital/tech hub.
We are here to fast forward this process by investing in these 3 key areas:

1. Our new startup incubator, partnering with industry know-how experts to form new startups backed by enterprises.

2. Covering the latest tech news in Thailand and bringing in entrepreneurs from EU and US to share their stories here to inspire the next generation.

3. We are starting with design jobs and slowly scaling to cover all tech jobs. Next is to roll out our curated talent pool to connect companies with the right talents.

There's still a lot that needs to be done.
There's still lot is in the pipeline to be rolled out.

But just like everything else we do, this is and will always be in wip.
Taking one step as a time to build this company in the public.

Interested to freelance with companies here or move here to work?
Follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Interested to join, collaborate or partnership?
DM me on Twitter (@farzadban.).

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We futureproof organisations.

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