Set of set slot symbol - graphic design

Before us are symbols of three categories in three rows.

The first row is three symbols of the category High, they are in gold frames with gold letters and a unique background. WILD is a panda on a dark starry background, she has pigtails and a headdress with bright feathers and a gold rim, a gold necklace, bright clothes. BONUS symbol - on the background of a stone structure, a hat, as the main element, held by a hand. SCATTER symbol - a stone temple with vegetation, against a blue sky.

Below in two rows are symbols of the category Regular and Low. The main ones are in round gold frames, where each has its own main character: a cobra, two pandas, a spider and a tiger in bright colors.

The bottom row has five symbols. They are frameless, but no less interesting: a travel bag, an emerald, a gold medallion, a gold panda and a gold treasure chest.

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