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To bring this project to life we gathered up a team of professionals who would be responsible for adding their contribution each step of the way. Our new business manager and the project manager were making sure that the communication between the client and the team would be as productive as possible and that everything would be done on time. The UX/UI designer put all of his creative abilities into a convenient layout and illustrations. The full-stack WordPress developer was responsible for the technical part of the project: development of the site itself, its integration with WordPress, speed optimization, and deployment of the site to the client’s server. And he was working closely with the QA engineer to provide the client with a completely bug-free web project.

Here at Markupus, we do our best to involve the client at every important step of the project. In the process of implementation, we discussed with Tony all the major points in our Slack chat. We have provided him with regular updates through the same channel and set up calls to discuss various points and provide our insights on what can be done better. Due to this, we were able to set up a fruitful collaboration that provided the involvement of both parties.

As a result, we have got a new, fresh and neat looking website with high performance. CoreShare team is amused with the website and it helped them to raise their brand identity along with brand awareness.

“We’ve interviewed a number of web designers, and I’d say Markupus was the most impressive right from the start. Not because they told us endless tales of what they can do, but they listened to what we wanted. And I generally felt they were excited about the ideas we had. They got right behind the aim of this project and kept that momentum all the way through. They have a very well-structured project management cycle. Meetings were well structured, requirements were detailed and the output was first class and even better than my expectations. I really feel our website represents us perfectly and that’s down to the effort these guys put into the project. Massive thanks and it’s been a pleasure working with you. I hope my customers feel as good as I did, being a customer of yours.”

Tony Wilkinson, Owner of Coreshare SharePoint Development

Guru Wordpress & WooCommerce

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