Netflix TV App Concept

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Welcome a new concept by Dinarys 👋 Inspired by Netflix’s success, we represent our vision of a streaming service 🎬

Whatever products or services you sell, contact our team 💭 We will create a functional and good-looking digital solution to multiply your sales in a short time! 💸

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💡 By the way, did you know that Netflix is one of the pioneers in microservices adoption? Due to this architectural style, the company managed to break ranks in its niche market 💣 Currently, it serves nearly 200 million subscribers all over the world 🙈

Once you implement your project with the use of microservices, the positive effect is guaranteed:

🪐 Faster time to market,
🪐 Improved ROI with reduced TCO,
🪐 Increased resilience,
🪐 Enhanced scalability,
🪐 Easier debugging and maintenance,
🪐 Smooth outsourcing, etc.

If you still didn’t consider the benefits of microservices pattern for your business, it’s a proper time to do that together with Dinarys! 🧡

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