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The VELLE brand appeared in 2004. The company is a leader in the production of natural products. The product matrix includes over 30 SKUs based on oats, coconut and multigrains. Natural plant products created using a unique technology serve as an excellent alternative to dairy products. That is why Velle is the # 1 brand for those who choose proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.


Promptly develop a creative presentation of the product, highlight the Velle brand against the background of competitors. Provide full information about the capabilities of the company and its products. Purpose of application: Presentation for retail chains and partners.

Completed work Bramar branding agency has developed a creative design concept for the presentation of the company in the style of the Velle brand.

Illustrations have been created that support a single brand image. Described information on the benefits of products of the company VELLE, rich in vitamins, calcium, superfoods, prebiotics and fiber.

The advantages and plans of the company, price segments and product portfolio are reflected. Particular attention is paid to the development of infographics and tables with quantitative indicators. The layout of the presentation has been prepared in the required formats.

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