Internet Archive turns 25 - campaign branding and art direction

Internet Archive is turning 25 years!
To celebrate quarter-century of being the Internet's Library the team at is rolling out an anniversary campaign with... yes! a B'Day party on October 22:

I'm honored to be a part of the campaign crew and help them with campaign branding. Follow @internetarchive on twitter and instagram to see the most impactfull projects in their history of preserving the knowledge.

A few words about the identity:
It is a dynamic one with a lot of chameleon-like features.
Pretty whimsical - that was a part of the brief, but is super bold in content.
Celebrating open source typography through Ribes Black and Apfel Grotezk (by Colllectttivo -

Mesh gradients are created with a Figma plugin by Gautham (

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