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E-commerce businesses nowadays stay in the top position. People often buy online. More and more people go online shopping via their smartphones. Here's my exploration of a mobile online shop that offers a selection of fashion cloths items. in my research, there are few application had they sold vintage-style cloths specificly, that's why i'm tried to make this more modern and more clean.

The shot shows three screens of the app. The first screen is an onboarding page where a user learns about the our vintage collections. after that he can start shopping button and he will go to home and firstly as a customer he will see an offer waing for him, and then he can select categories with products, people are often use apps for buying his determined product so why i show him all product ? for this reason i'm working,

I tried to pick a classic color scheme to put the attention focus on featured items. The design has a minimalist and modern look that matches high-end products available in the shop. We've also placed the catalog filter button on the top of the home page, making featured items more relevant to the person using the app.

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