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This is a concept logo for a fictional cancer treatment company active in the field of ray therapy. The small circles on the ring represent electrons, an element of ray therapy. The long triangles represent rays. The cancer cell is in the middle where the rays are targeting. The whole shape looks like crosshairs which represents accuracy of ray therapy. The 120 degree layout of rays or electrons come from the "radio active warning sign". The circles and rays also represent zeros and ones which can remind digital or computer technology. The ring around the logo mimics the shape of the tunnel for radio scanners or the treatment machines.
The name "Cancersaber" comes from lightsaber which was the Jedi weapon of choice in Star Wars. It stands for epic level of strength, accuracy and heroism for serving humanity.
Like my other works this one is free to use for any purpose. It would be nice to mention my name or let me know how it is used. See the source file for editable vector format.

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