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As you may know in Remdev Studio we are passionate about Health & Fitness products. Today we want to share some expertise with you based on our experience working with Fitness brands.

Some features that are popular in the Fitness market right now:

1) Personalised programs created for different goals.
Each of us has our personal goals and due to this information apps could make your experience more personalised and help you to move in the right direction to your goals.

2) Nutrition
Nutrition is a vital part of achieving your fitness goals. That’s why many Fitness companies like MyFitnessPal dedicating a big part of the app to Meal plans and recommendations from Nutrition experts.

3) Videos and live training.
Habitual actions like shopping, training
people prefer to do remotely now. Telecommunication is a thing right now. It’s the best way to personalise the interaction with the client and trainer.

4) Physical devices connectivity.
Many companies like Whoop building special hardware that works with the app. This allows companies to track personal metrics precisely. Each metric supports mental and physical health and contributes to the overall quality of life.

This shot takes into consideration the trends in product design and UI/UX design and show you how the fitness app might look in 2021 🙂

In our shots, we want to collect all our expertise and show you the best UI and UX.
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