Maffin Productivity Timer Web Application

🧁 Maffin is a productivity timer for remote teams. It is develloped by Startaê, a Brazilian team of designers and developers.

It’s a productivity timer, you can create a timer, share it with your team and then have more productive meetings. The tool was launched on the 7th of October and we are sure more improvements will come! Right now it’s pretty simple to use, you only have to create a shareable link, then choose a working session time (from 5 to 25 minutes) and…you’re ready to go! It’s based on the Pomodoro technique, which means you are supposed to use the timer to break your work into focused time blocks (usually 25 minutes), separated by a 5-minute break.

📌 Design process:
• Brainstorming + user maps & flows
• Wireframing
• UI concept designs
• Applying UI concept to all wirefames
• Prototyping
• UI Style guide creation
• Components layout

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