Star Net Security (wip)

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A wip shot of a somewhat comical sticker I'm working on. My dad approached me asking whether it was possible to make a sticker that he could add to his camper (that he is buying this week). The purpose of the sticker should be to convince people that the camper is protected by a high-tech advanced security system using satellites and cell-phones.

At first I thought the idea was unusually and not exactly useful, but the more I considered the task the more fun it seemed. So now I find myself dabbling in the illustration of a camper with an advanced security system. My goal is to create a polished illustrative piece that does look professional, but still keep it fun and simple and have some reference to old school retro technology design (like the Star Net text).

Be sure to check out the attached image of my dad's original sketch. Who knows, if the sticker turns out well maybe I'll print a bunch and sell them!

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