Thumbnails for Figma Projects (Free Download)

Hello Creative People πŸ‘‹,

I created thumbnails for better management of files in figma.These templates will help you keep a clean and easily readable project and file overview. They are color-coded to give you a synopsis of the project and file statuses at a glance.

This file includes 8 predefined work status depicted as steps based on your team's process.

πŸ’‘ Exploration β€’ ⭕️ Pending β€’ ⏰ In progress β€’ 🍭 In Review β€’ 😎 Ready for dev β€’ πŸ”¬ Design QA β€’ βœ… Finished β€’ πŸ“¦ Draft

All covers are:

easily customizable to adopt to your needs
created with autolayout to embrace content nicely
technically crafted using Figma's recommended frame dimensions including a safe zone area to ensure all thumbnails always display optimally

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Download from figma community:
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