The Monsterrataz: Dr. Skylar J. Monster

The Monsterrataz are here to haunt you but they suck at it. Oh well…


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Meet Dr. Skylar J. Monster, PhD, MD, DLitt, DD, ScD, BYOB. With a mind capacity of 2πΤΒ, he is the main reason the San Angeles University still has its doors open. His critics say that he is also why society has dumben down completely and refuses to store information, having this omniscientific resource available at all times. His answer to them is exactly what you'd expect from a person of his position and status: Dork brains don't get to speak about me! When the leading science magazine "Prominent Science" put studious Dr. Skylar J. Monster in its cover with the sophisticated title "What is Four Eyes doing?", Four Eyes replied, once more spreading knowledge and clarity of thought to the crowds: I know you are, but what am I? This major-league battle continues to this day, keeping alert every friend of science and knowledge.

Available on various prints (on canvas, metal, photographic etc), throw pillows, tote bags and cases for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy

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