Social Eats - A Uber Eats for Gen - Z influencers!

Hi there 👋🏼
This is a design for Cara Wang, a Gen-Z foodie Instagram influencer in Taipei. The way she uses Uber Eats is mainly for searching for the most trending restaurants that have "good-looking" food for her to post on her Instagram to gain followers and grow her influencer marketing businesses. Besides, she wants to find restaurants that are hidden gems and best to find out if other influencers have already been there or post foods from there.

She doesn't care if the food doesn't taste that good nor is the price or the distance. What she cares about is to see more photos from the restaurant and if there is a direct message channel that she can use to communicate with restaurant owners to develop her businesses while using Uber Eats at the same time.

She has frustration to do so with the current Uber Eats app.

For a user like Cara, their needs for Ubereats are not for ordering food for convenience but for gaining influence on their socials to monetize. It's kinda a "B2C2B" application.
So here is my take on how to help Cara achieve her goals from this app!

🎙This is a live streaming redesign work that I got invited from the design academy, Reborn Academy ( in Taipei. During this event, I was one of the designers to take the live streaming redesign challenge and create the design based on the Persona the M.C. provided to us.
Each of us only had 20 minutes to redesign. On top of that, we also need to answer any design questions that the over 200 audiences asked us.
It was fun work!

Hope you enjoy it!
Have a nice day!


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