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How about a delicious dribbble cookie or maybe a shiny dribbble invite?

In honor of this absolutely fantastic community I thought why not leave my mac for a few hours and be creative in the kitchen for once. Im not a professional baker so be nice…:-)

Anyway, I have this shiny new dribbble invite to give away so if you want to be a part of this great community I would very much appreciate If you would follow these few steps below.

1. Like this shot (We all love cookies right?)
2. Follow me on Dribbble and Behance
3. Send me an email to dribbble@jpgren.se with a link to your portfolio and your dribbble prospect name.

I will annocounce the lucky winner here on june 25th

Thats it! May the dribbble force be with you….

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Edit: And the winner is.... @Mike
Welcome to the Dribbble Community and thanks to all other great designers.

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