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This is a design for Meowy Casting Cat Model Agency based in Los Angeles. Meowy Casting Agency has been trying to find the best digital solution for recruiting top cat models across the States.
Today, I am humbled to propose them this design approach, representing "Mia Macchiato, Mia The Taco Cat, Mia The Fancy Cat, the most famous cat model from TikTok and Instagram" as an example to show them how the feature of real-time influencer stats can be incorporated into their cat model booking app.


It is a concept design that I got the inspiration from Netflix Dutch Documentary the ‘Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats’ and ‘Cat People’ and of course not to mention my great admiration towards the most famous cat influencer, “Mia Macchiato, Mia The Taco Cat ”from TikTok and Instagram.
Photo credit:@mia.macchiato
Inspiration credit:@netflix


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