Vianet Mobile App Redesign

Hey everyone, this is my first time redesigning an app.
This is a redesign of Nepal's pioneer Internet Service Provider, Vianet.

I am someone who doesn't use Vianet's app frequently. One fine day, I decided to go through the app and found some usability issues. As an individual studying UX online, I decided to change some of the designs and add some functions to the existing designs to make the user experience easy.

I got inspired by Amrit Shahi who redesigned Wordlink's mobile app which is also an ISP in Nepal. The home screen design is heavily inspired by his work.

However, I have placed call to actions which are frequently required by the user. I drafter a user persona and have catered to its requirements and need. My UX tries to complete the intended task in minimum taps as compared to the current interface that the ISP provides.

I am still learning UX and this is my first work. I would love your feedback.

Inspired design:

Find the complete prototype here:

Posted on Jul 10, 2021

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