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Travel/Explore iOS App Concept

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Travel/Explore iOS App Concept icons app iphone ios interface toggle button mobile flat horizontal list share

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EDIT: Made some changes after getting some feedback. Check them out in the attachments!

Hi everyone,

My name is Ray Tsai. For the past two years, I’ve been working as a corporate tax accountant in Silicon Valley. Two months ago, I was introduced to UI/UX design while on a work hiatus to study for my CPA before I was due to start a position at KPMG in June.

Since being introduced, I’ve been hooked on this industry and have been devoting myself 100% to pursuing it as a career. I just recently notified KPMG that I am no longer going so I can commit to this path. I've been working extremely hard to learn as much as I can before my savings are completely depleted.

I am always learning and looking for more knowledge and inspiration. Excited to join the Dribbble community as I build my portfolio!

Follow me on Twitter! @raysigh

Thank you @Nate Navasca for the invite!

Here’s my first post. It’s a travel/explore app concept I’ve been working on. Real pixels attached.

I’m very interested in any critiques so fire away!

Credits to @Vadim Sherbakov, Steven Lewis (notsteve.com), and Ermin Celikovic (celikovic.me) for images. @Cole Townsend for the iPhone template. @Piotr Kwiatkowski for the icons.

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