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Hey Dribbblers,

Following my previous shot about my involvement in the Lekiosk New app, here are some of the research work done for the "Walkthrough" and "Coachmarker" part during my creation process with the UI/Ux team.

An essential part of any application is to help solidify the user experience and enhance the ease of use. Walkthroughs, must should be concise and gather essential information which constitute the attractiveness of the app. Coachmarkers, must be intuitive in order to understand immediately how the app works without disturbing the user experience too.

It was a great experience to be a part of the project, the main audience of the app is very large and it teaches me to simplify more than usual my design elements and create content that helps people better appreciate the new technology.

- Find attached 3 files with a bigger view of COACHMARKERS, WALKTHROUGH v1 and WALKTHROUGH v2 variant.

Don't hesitate to press "L" for free hugs and let me know what you think. Have a sunny day! ;)


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