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Hey there dribbble gang 🏀,

This time I am doing some visual exploration on EVE Online, the worlds #1 space MMO, developed by CCP in Reykjavík Iceland. I really love their universe and the awesome ships which the game is based around.

I went for a glass UI, which is floating in space itsef. On this particular page the user can see offers on ships and skins, manage his fleet and browse other ships. Some other pages in the sidebar include home, the shop, analytics section for market prices etc, video section, community section and a help center.

In the real game, the UI is much more complex since there are so many things the user can do. The purpose here was simply to explore some UI visuals with the game's formidable spacecrafts.

Siggi Baldursson
— Product Designer keen on Usability ⤵

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