Wacom Module Study

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Hi friends

Following up on the the big wacom.com relaunch we did, here is another WorkInProgress snapshot from the project.

When we worked on Wacom, one of our main challenges was to create a sustainable system that we can hand off to Wacom in order for them to easily create new content in the future.

Above you can see how we approached each module in detail, and attached more examples we did during our module study. The goal was not only to create very detailed guidelines for Wacom, but also come up with a content strategy for their main website.

In the attachment you find a very early sketch of the first module study. I will follow up with more final designs later on.

Big hug to @Roy van Dijk here again as well who worked super hard on this with me together. And the picture inside the module as shown above is by Mr. Anton Repponen.


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