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A word, a week. • 25 • Tunnel vision

№ 25 – Tunnel vision 👀

Tunnel vision can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it’s great to be super focussed and in the zone. But stay in the tunnel for too long and you’re missing the bigger picture. For me it’s easy to get lost in all the small tasks right in front of me, so I need to actively remind myself to zoom out every now and then to get a birds eye view on my work. And maybe even my life.

‘A word, a week.’ is an ongoing collaboration to see our animated typefaces in the hands artists we admire (this week it’s just me tho 😉). A typeface is never a thing on its own. It’s always meant to be part of something bigger. Each week of 2021 we release a new animation by a new artist. It features a single word, set in an animated typeface from our collection. The artist comes up with the word and gets complete creative freedom. We get to see our type in action, and share the inspiring work with you.

Design & animation: Jeroen Krielaars
Typeface in use: League Spartan 2.0 (Out soon!)
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Posted on Jun 21, 2021
Creating animated typefaces for Adobe After Effects.

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