Mindty - Mental Health App

Today, there are many meditation-themed applications or the like that aim to help users overcome mental health problems such as overthinking, stress, anxiety, and depression.

However, most of the existing applications only provide one-way videos or content such as meditation guides, motivational videos, relaxation music and so on.

Users must find out for themselves the problems experienced and solutions to overcome their problems in the application features.

This is not enough, the role of professional mentors is still needed to overcome mental problems by providing proper diagnosis and direction.

Therefore, I designed an application with a mental health theme that can be a solution to the problems above. With the main feature "mentor" users can find mentors and do online mentoring easily.
Thus the user will get a diagnosis of their problem in order to get the right treatment.

There is also an "Insight" feature where users can get new insights about mental health through videos and articles from mentors. This can help users gain new knowledge to overcome their mental health problems.

In addition, other supporting features are still available such as "meditaton" and "relaxation music" which can help users to do therapy, train focus, or relax.

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Posted on Jun 21, 2021

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