Nero Emperor | HTML Experiment

Nero Emperor | HTML Experiment

I've recently started using Adobe Dreamweaver, at the moment I'm continuing to improve my skills as I feel my understandment with the software are not up to expectations.

For this project I had to design a basic HTML page for an infamous historical character. Moving away from my obsession with the Egyptians and Greeks. I chose the Roman emperor Nero, famous for supposidly being responsible for burning down sections of Rome to build the Domus Aurea.

I have used a classic serif font, heavily used in older times, a background to set the scene in the streets of Rome and a picture of Nero in the middle with a caption, text on the left giving a short summary of his life and death.

The links at the top are non-interactive, however, should my Dreamweaver skills improve, I may come back to make them interactive so more pages can be explored.

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