A Gentle Introduction To Running Your Own Server

I'll be speaking on Tuesday at NodeMN on the topic of developers getting started learning some ops skills by running their own personal server.

If you can't make it to Northeast Minneapolis on Tuesday, I'll be giving the same presentation June 30 for Ruby Users of Minnesota.

I'm trying to up my design game a bit on this one, compared to my debut shot:
* I'm still using Gill Sans (don't laugh, I love it), but a lighter weight.
* I started with Dribbble pink and used a color picker tool to find some harmonious colors, ending up with the green you see on the section heading slides, the slate you see as the background color, and an off-white.
* I'm doing my best to keep the copy on the slides as brief as possible so people aren't reading while I'm talking.

I hope to see some of you there!

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