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✨Seeds is a fintech startup empowering advisors around intentional and purposeful investing. For them, we've crafted a functional and beautiful digital tool.

We started researching their social approach to investment and since client experience is their number one priority, we customized the user journey for both their users: financial advisor and their end clients 🤗.

Seeds' mission of democratizing impact by creating well-balanced portfolios, including companies best aligned with the Earth, People, and Corporate Integrity, was as encouraging as challenging. Actually, we could say it's been one of the most complex projects we've faced at infrastructure, logic, data structure, and how dependencies work. We had to do extensive testing and different iterations until we got a perfectly functional system 💪.

The result is this useful platform that "truly aligns investor financial goals and personal values without inherently sacrificing returns, thereby empowering investors across the country to participate in positive change", Kristen O'Grady,
Seeds' Head of Product, says.

If you want to know more about how we put Seeds' pieces together you can read the case study on our blog 🤓.

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