At Pineapple, we enjoy solving problems. We identified that a patient's adherence to taking timely medication is a major issue all around the world. It is estimated that up to 75% of people do not take their medicines properly. To solve this problem, in one of our explorations, we created a feature that specifies the doses along with their schedule. We have used prompts like, "After lunch" or "before dinner" instead of timings because humans are more conditioned with these prompts.

For example, A doctor usually doesn't mention the timings for a dosage but always mentions "before lunch" or "after dinner".

We also made the UI lightweight, enabling patients to make the stressing task of medicine consumption friendlier in nature.
We always strive to put ourselves in the shoes of others before we design, which helps us pay attention to these important details. When it comes to the user experience, these details are crucial.

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