I compiled the logos I created in 2020. I realized they’re mostly animal inspired ones, but I hope the little animations mix it up a bit. Some of the names are in Hungarian. ‘Vak tyúk’ means blind chicken. This one is supposed to be a visual translation of a Hungarian saying: “Vak tyúk is talál szemet” which translates to
“Even a blind chicken can find a piece of grain” but in Hungarian the word “szem” also means eye, hence the the little animation when the ‘grain’ opens its ‘eye’.
The othe one, ‘tigrincs’ is a mix up between to words ‘tigris’= 🐅 tiger & ‘narancs’= 🍊 orange. As it was made for an orange fizzy drink.

Take a look at the full project on Behance as well:

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