C1 Marketing Group Logo

C1 Marketing Group Logo

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Final Mark and guide for C1 Marketing Group pending approval. A sports and entertainment start-up company that specializes in PR and marketing for athletes and individuals. Mostly ProBowl NFL players at the moment. Their original temporary logo was set in Bank Gothic so I wanted to find a solution that had the same kind of angularity with a refined and professional personality, setting it apart from other companies in the same market.

Exploration and research lead me to Stratum 1. I love the bold angles of the lowercase counters and ascenders. Making it a wonderful choice for the wordmark and headline typeface in the typographic system that will roll out with his website, print materials and slide deck. I let the structure of the letter determine the grid for the mark. Pairing with Lato for body text. Excited for what's to come and bringing it all to life.


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