Hi, friends! 💙

We continue to introduce the HABITLOG. ⭕️

Today we want to show you several screens that convey the essence of the application.

The core elements of the application are Habits, Tasks, and Notes. Habit is for tracking a regular activity that repeats over time. There can be check-in habits, timed habits, and focus habits. Notes are a simple text piece. There are notes for the day or for a habit. Tasks are single-time activities or something that is not done often. The day can have its own tasks and each habit can have its own task list.

An additional element is a Timetable. When the time is added to the habit, then it appears on the timetable, so that it's possible to see how the day looks and also it's possible to see which blocks are free.

All elements can be linked to each other or used separately. As a modular system that we talked about earlier. The main goal was to keep the application from looking overloaded and complicated. And stay as simple as much is possible on a phone screen. 🧩

During this project, we provided the following services: Strategy, UX/UI design, Marketing.

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