Spotify for Artists Fan Study Pitch; Concept style-frame No. 1

By now, hopefully you’ve seen one of Rally’s latest launches for Spotify:

The team did an absolutely incredible job designing and building this lovely site.


This is a bit behind the scenes — when Rally pitched to win the Spotify Fan Study project.

I don’t do much hands-on design these days; I spend most of my days trying to empower exceptionally talented people to do the best work they can both internally within Rally and externally with our wonderful clients.

In early January, my work load was light because I was getting back from being on 3 months of paternity leave. Rally had received an interesting RFP for a Spotify micro-site. We don’t normally do spec work for pitches, but since I had a little time on my hands I figured it would be fun to dust the cobwebs off.

I did 4 different concept style-frames to go allow with our written proposal to Spotify. The style frames were mostly for eye candy and to get the juices flowing and build excitement for the project. I hadn’t spent much time in Cinema 4D (I’m a total noob), used the pitch as an excuse to spend a bit more time C4D.

This concept is called the Elevator:

User lands in a 3D room. A sphere rolls into view, painted streaks animate in following it.

Upon scrolling or tapping the CTA, the sphere drops through the floor landing on a floor below displaying the next insight. The ribbon streaks follow.

The user can tap or roll the sphere around the room.

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