SOS Foods ・ in focus

SOS Foods ・ a food startup aiming to reshape fair trade by supporting its products' source countries through social projects.

the heart of every online shop are its products. that's why we intended to give each item enough space to tell its own very personal story. it was never about promoting quick sales, but rather about slowing down the pace of life for a moment and inviting users into a more conscious way of shopping.

each product page opens with an individual & inviting introduction. various elements (images, illustrations, text, colours), created in collaboration with several other team members, were carefully combined to create unique compositions for each item.

date ・ may 2021
client ・ sos foods
branding ・ caroline rubik
animation ・ kemane bâ
shooting ・ samia rachel
retouching ・ ralf schneider
text ・ lea nonnenmacher
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why fit in when you can stand out?

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