SOS Foods ・ shop consciously

SOS Foods ・ a food startup aiming to reshape fair trade by supporting its products' source countries through social projects.

in comparison to many other online shops, fewer purchase options were intentionally added to the design. this way, users are invited to shop consciously. prior to a potential purchase, they will be given sufficient information about both the product and the company's philosophy.

SOS Foods contributes 20% of each product's purchase price to social projects in its source region. in addition, each product follows the company's unique philosophy, consisting of four central features: sustainability, transparency, recyclability and naturalness.

date ・ may 2021
client ・ sos foods
branding ・ caroline rubik
animation ・ kemane bâ
shooting ・ samia rachel
retouching ・ ralf schneider
text ・ lea nonnenmacher
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