Sign up page (+ sign in page) for Books Beyond Borders

Hello! I am taking part in #DailyUI over the next 100 days to improve my design skills. I also hope to practice UX with each creation.

For my first shot, I decided to work on improving Books Beyond Borders' sign up page. They are a social business that aims to fight poverty and illiteracy by selling secondhand books and donating all remaining net profits. (Do check them out!)

Since they already have an existing style in place, my thought process while designing this was to work from there to visually elevate it without costing too much time and effort for the company to implement. I also noticed they missed out signing in with other platforms and form validation so I included those in the UI.

Something that challenged me was crafting the UX copy and marketing microcopy. For any sign up page, the value to the user needs to be communicated before they consider going through with the steps. (In that sense, I see that marketing copy comes before UX copy because you need the actor to desire the action first before being able to guide the actor.) This is where I used the persona as a guide.

Overally, this was a very useful exercise because I got to brush up on visual hierarchy!

If you enjoyed, consider pressing "L" and following me for future shots!

Posted on Jun 13, 2021

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