takt1 ・ key visuals

takt1 ・ a streaming platform for classical music with curated background stories from experts in the field for both longtime enthusiasts and newcomers.

in the composed key visuals, musical instruments are shown from a rather abstract perspective. the artworks contain familiar elements from the classical music world, but due to the manipulation feel equally unfamiliar at the same time. this change of perspective brings a fresh breeze.

for the composition of these visuals, a custom tool was especially developed for the project. an ordinary image of a musical instrument is loaded into the software, which then automatically generates up to nine kaleidoscope-like artworks to choose from. this is done by intelligently selecting multiple fragments from the original image and passing them through a manipulation unit.

working for the agency milk, i was responsible for the creation of key visuals, web design and iconography for this project.

date ・ april 2017
client ・ takt1
agency ・ milkdesign
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Posted on Jun 11, 2021
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